Location, travel & hotels

(2019 info – though most of this will be the same for 2022 ;))

Flights to Aarhus

There are 3 nearby airports you could use:

  1. Aarhus airport (AAR) (The closest one)
  2. Billund airport (BLL) (Pretty close too)
  3. Aalborg airport (AAL)

Transport from Aarhus Central train station

Option 1 – Take a taxi
This will cost about 100 Danish kroner.

Option 2 – Get bus 2A towards Skejby
Get off at the stop called “Paludan-Müllers Vej/Hasle Ringvej (Aarhus)”. The bus stop is about 700 metres from the party.

Option 3 – ????
You’re all adults – you’ll figure it out!

For more information on public transport in Denmark visit http://www.rejseplanen.dk/

Hotels in the area

We do have a separate sleeping area – but if you are old and decrepit like most of us, you may want to sleep in a proper bed. These are the closest hotels to TRSAC:

There are plenty of hotels and sleep-ins in central Aarhus (a bit further from the party place) – send us an email if you need help.