Address of the party place

Århus Firmasport
Paludan-Müllers vej 110
8200 Aarhus N

Flights to Aarhus

Please note: Aarhus Airport has recently opened up new direct routes from e.g. München as well as cheaper alternatives from Oslo and Stockholm – combined with a decent amount of connecting flights from Copenhagen it is likely you could get to TRSAC a bit more easily, without breaking the bank (check

Billund airport offers plenty more alternatives for direct flights – there are 3 nearby airports you could use:

  1. Aarhus airport (AAR) (The closest one)
  2. Billund airport (BLL) (Pretty close too)
  3. Aalborg airport (AAL)

Public transport in Aarhus

From the central station to the party place there are three options: bus, taxi, or walking.

  • A taxi fare will run you about 100 Danish kroner.
  • Should you choose to take the bus, you will need to get bus 2A towards “Skejby”, and get off at the stop called “Paludan-Müllers Vej/Hasle Ringvej (Aarhus)”. The bus stop is about 700 metres from the party.
  • Walking to the party is an option – it does however take about 30-40 minutes.

For more information on public transport visit

Hotels in the area

We do have two dedicated sleeping areas with lots of space – but if you are old and decrepit like most of us, you may want to sleep in a proper bed. These are the closest hotels to TRSAC:

There are plenty of hotels and sleep-ins in central Aarhus (a bit further from the party place) – send us an email if you need help.