Music compos

Acid Music – MIXED LIVE!

The LIVE acid madness lives on! A DJ will live mix all entries into one set played live!

  • Your tune MUST have 16 x 4 beats (bars) for both intro and outtro. This is necessary for the live mixing – if you have any questions, make sure to contact us!
  • [16 x 4 beats intro] [main tune] [16 x 4 beats outtro]
  • Tempo must be 130-150 bpm
  • State BPM of the song when submitting your entry
  • Max. playtime is 4:30 minutes (including intro+outtro)
  • Your entry must feature an 303/acid/303-alike main lead-instrument
  • Accepted file formats: MP3 (you can include an OGG version too – but we will use the MP3 for the live set)
  • You must accept that the DJ choses how your tune is played, (ab)used and mixed
  • Expect preselection in this compo!
  • Please include an info file.

Streaming / newskool music

  • Give us your best tune!
  • Max. playtime is 4 minutes
  • Accepted file formats: .mp3 or .ogg
  • This compo will most likely have preselection depending on amount of participants (off!)
  • Please include an info file.

Oldskool music

  • Give us your best XM / MOD / SID or other oldskool tune
  • Size limit: 2mb
  • Mod files will be played using Protracker clone for Windows –
  • Other files wil be played through XMPlay unless you provide your own/preferred player
  • Max. playtime: 4 minutes
  • Please include an info file