What is this?

TRSAC is an acronym of “The Real Scene After Christmas”. It is the best demoparty in Denmark. It’s also pretty much the only one, but let’s not talk about that right now. TRSAC was started in 2000 by a bunch of demoscene friends who thought demo parties were becoming too much about gaming, and here we are – 19 years later – still friends.

Facilities & party features

  • Room for 150 people
  • Separate sleeping halls
  • Cafeteria with draught beer, warm food and snacks
  • On-site showers
  • Internet and partynetwork
  • Lots of parking space
  • Optional food-included ticket
  • Free earplugs at the infodesk
  • 5k run Saturday morning (with STRAF, of course)
  • Beer und schnapps-break Saturday night
  • Several live acts
  • Awesome quiz, which is fair and, like, totally not rigged

House rules

The demoscene and TRSAC is an open and inclusive place. We welcome and respect all genders, religions, shapes, convictions, pimps, weirdos, lovers and fighters – and we obviously expect you to do the same. Now here are a few simple things to note:

  • TRSAC is a demoparty, which means that people will celebrate the event and party with alcohol (and some without)
    • Tip: Behave resposibly and use your common sense, even if you’re drunk!
  • Danish laws apply (yeah they do in Denmark!)
    • Tip: That means no drugs are allowed at the party – stick to alcohol!
  • You should expect high noise levels during live-acts and competetions
    • Tip: Come ask for a pair of earplugs at the infodesk. The cafeteria also offers a chance to rest your ears, otherwise you can always retreat to the sleeping areas if it’s late
  • You will be offered schnapps – deal with it
    • Tip; You can say no if you’re not into schnapps, but we’re hard to convince…
  • The organizers are participating in every aspect of the party, also the schnapps and beers
    • Tip: Talk to us if something is bothering you, or you need help. We’re easy to get a hold of
  • People will shoot photos and videos of you at TRSAC, and a live stream will broadcast a live video feed from the party.
    • Tip: You need to deal with this, if you’re attending TRSAC. If you’re the one taking pictures, be considerate of peoples privacy. If you’re being taken unwanted pictures of – let the photographer know.