Graphics & Animation

Freestyle graphics

  • No rules regarding process or theme – you can do anything you want (even cut and paste from other images, but of course it’s good practice to give credit where credit is due!)
  • This compo is not for AI-generated artwork – obviously it’s okay to use AI for ideation and such, but the actual creation of the art should be done by you. If we find that an image is essentially AI-created, we reserve the right to disqualify the entry.
  • Acceptable formats: jpg, png
  • Please include 3 working stages (label these with obvious names like step1, step2 etc.)

Handdrawn graphics

  • This compo is for physical artwork – pencils, ink, acrylics, grafitti, clay, wood .. you name it!
  • You’ll have to scan / photograph your work – and you’ll have to do thatyourself! :o)
  • Please include an info file


  • Acceptable formats: Whatever VLC can play properly
  • Please include an info file