TRSAC Lite 2021

22 – 24 October – Online

We want to do something for you all to enjoy, while we cannot have the real TRSAC

Watch live stream here:

We will:
– Gather the organizers and a few hangarounds in a garage with bigscreen and a ridiculous large PA
– Run everything on 4G Internet
– Act like we typically would do at TRSAC (pepperschnapps is brewing!)
– Stream both sillyness and a few compos for you to enjoy!

So, expect us to deliver you a good dose of sillyness online during the weekend of October 22nd – 24th this year

Live Acid music compo will happen! (some way or another)

Live Acid Music compo rules

We will also host PC demo and PC combined intro compos

PC executable compo rules

Contact / request votekey for party system:

Register and upload entries here:

Where does that leave TRSAC? – this was supposed to be the LAST edition

We will push the REAL TRSAC once more – We want to have a real party with you <3 (hopefully in 2022, then?)

Kisses from The Danes