Time table

TBA – soon!

Friday, October 20th

14:00 Party opens – get yo ass up in dis place
19:30 Opening "Ceremony"
20:30'ish Demoscene quiz
23:00'ish Rusk & Bask will bodyslam us with a live acid techno performance

Saturday, October 21st

10:00 Breakfast starts (if you have a food ticket)
11:00'ish 5K run – if the weather allows
12:00 Deadline: All Graphics compos + Oldschool and Streaming music
14:30 Compo: Oldschool Music
15:30 Compo: Handdrawn Graphics
15:45 Compo: Freestyle Graphics
16:00 Compo: Streaming Music
17:30 Deadline: All remaining compos
17:30 Dinner starts (if you have a food ticket)
18:45 Dinner ends
19:30 Compo: Animation / Video
20:00 Compo: LIVE Acid Techno – mixed by lug00ber!
21:00 Beer and/und/og Schnapps Break – only if we reach at least 100 sold tickets!
22:30 Compo block: 4K Intro | 64K intro | Oldschool demo | Newschool demo
00:45 Deadline: Voting

Sunday, October 22nd

10:00 Breakfast starts (if you have a food ticket)
12:00 Time to leave (no really – GTFO!)

Timetable is subject to change – make sure you check back here, and check the Intranet once you’re present at TRSAC.