Friday, October 20th

14:00 Gate to Hell opens
20:00 Limbo
20:30'ish Quiz
23:00 Flunkium punishes his gear and our ears

Saturday, October 21st

10:00 Breakfast starts and showers open
11:00 5k passage of pain, breakfast ends
12:00 DEADLINE: Oldschool music, Streaming music and all graphics compos
14:30 COMPO: Oldschool music
15:30 COMPO: All graphics compos
16:00 COMPO: Streaming music
17:30 DEADLINE: All remaining compos
17:30 WE DINE IN HELL (dinner starts for those with a food ticket)
19:00 COMPO CHUNK: Animation, LIVE Acid music
21:00 We descend deeper into the sins of hell with the help of d0DgE… and pepper… and beer!
22:00 COMPO CHUNK: Realtime intro and demo newschool/oldschool compos
00:00: Bass & Bromance Extravaganza with løg00ber and Dwarffel
00:45 DEADLINE: voting
02:00 !!!???
04:00 This is truly Hell!

Sunday, October 22nd

10:00 Breakfast starts and showers open
11:00 Breakfast ends
12:00 GTFO – Like a bat out of hell!

Timetable is subject to change – make sure you check back here, and check the Intranet once you’re present at TRSAC.